We understand that it’s really important to have a good connection with your therapist, and want to ensure you find the best therapist to meet your needs. 

At The Online Therapy Room we are fortunate that we have been able to add highly skilled and experienced therapists to our team who emulate our values. All of our therapists are BABCP accredited and have attended highly respected training programmes.

Below you can find out more about us, however we also feel it is helpful to read about the experiences our previous clients have had with us. You can read testimonials from our previous clients by clicking the link below.

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Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Hi my name is Rhianna, and I’m one of the founders of The Online Therapy Room. I value a compassionate and warm approach within sessions, and aim to create an environment where you will feel calm and at ease. Collaboration is very important to me, and I endeavour to make sure that your individual goals are at the centre of the work we do together. 

I have a special interest in working with low self-esteem, trauma and parents who are experiencing mental health difficulties during the perinatal period. Due to these interests I have been an active member of the perinatal team within my NHS role, and have attended further training to enable me to provide specialised support. 

I’m a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and currently work as a Senior CBT Therapist within a busy NHS service. I have been working in the field of mental health for 13 years, including 10 years in the NHS and 2 years in private practice.

I have significant experience and skill in working with clients experiencing depression, generalised anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, specific phobias, agoraphobia, body dysmorphic disorder, habit disorders, PTSD and low self-esteem. 

I am able to offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 



Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist & EMDR Practitioner

My name is Melissa, I am an experienced and fully accredited cognitive behavioural therapist. I am also a qualified EMDR practitioner which is a trauma focussed treatment. 

I offer holistic support to people when they are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. If you are feeling depressed, worrying a lot, feeling overly anxious, have low self-confidence or are experiencing a multitude of problems, I will help you understand those difficulties better and what may be maintaining them as well as teaching you strategies to cope and ultimately support you reach your mental health goals. 

I support people from all walks of life although I am particularly fond of helping women in pregnancy and postnatally and have speciality training in perinatal mental health problems. 

If you feel you are ready to take the next step in improving your mental health please get in touch. 

I look forward to helping you on your therapy journey.



Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Hello! My name is Monica and I am one of the therapists of The Online Therapy Room. I place great importance in building a genuine therapeutic relationship with my clients in order to develop a sense of safeness, feelings of trust and mutual respect within sessions. The key features within my sessions include kindness, courage and empathy,  which is completed through a series of CBT and compassion-focused therapy skills. I value a person-centred approach and believe in working as a team in order to meet your needs and expectations. This all supports the journey of reclaiming your life in addition to maintaining a healthy and balanced wellbeing.

Therapy is a personal and unique crossing of self-awareness and self-mastery. I believe in empowering and motivating my clients to purposefully connect with themselves in order to make intentional (and beneficial) changes to their lives, therefore allowing this opportunity to lessen their suffering and mental health difficulties.  

I am a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and currently work as a Senior CBT therapist within the NHS. I have worked in both Children's and Adult Mental Health during my 2 years of training as a therapist. I have been working within the realm of mental health for 9 years, but presently working with adults for 5 years in NHS Talking Therapies.

I have experience in working with presentations such as depression and anxiety disorders; this includes generalised anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, specific phobias and agoraphobia. I am also adept in working with body dysmorphic disorder, habit disorders, PTSD, Childhood and Adult Trauma and low self-esteem.