Banana Leaves



Before I started CBT with Rhianna,  I was making myself miserable in a cycle of negative self talk. My constant berating of myself was taking a huge amount of time and energy and clouding my decisions in my personal, creative and professional life. Working with Rhianna, has been transformational for me. Through our sessions I learnt how to tackle my negative thoughts and understand why I was having them. I now feel I have gained an empowered understanding of my mental health, and my triggers.  Since starting therapy I’ve been able to reach outside of myself again and get involved in things I’ve discouraged myself from doing in the past. I’ve been able to enjoy my time more freely both alone and with others.

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and Rhianna is completely to thank for that! I always felt I was able to be honest and open in our zoom sessions and she was amazing at finding the balance between guiding me through the steps of CBT and allowing me to discover them for myself. In  committing to this therapy, I now have a strong foundation of tools and understanding to grow and work from . I’m optimistic about the future, which feels miraculous in such and uncertain time and is so different to how I was feeling only eight weeks ago.   

Thank you so much Rhianna, you’ve really changed my life.